Ariya (@ariya.hab)

Ariya (@ariya.hab)

The entertainment industry plays a prominent and important role in today’s world, it can be used as an outlet to create awareness and bring the issues of our society to light. The film industry has been around since the 19th century and has played a huge role in the advancement of mankind. Films can be used to change people’s perception of social issues and highlight the often sickening reality of today’s world.

Ariya Hab is studying film at the esteemed Kings College in London. Early on in his life, Ariya developed a keen interest in art. Ever since this, his life has revolved around learning about art and its history from all over the world. Ariya is somewhat of an art enthusiast, he has a knack for traveling all over the world and capturing the culture and history of all these different places through his lens. Ariya is always keen to learn about the historic cultures and traditions of all the places he visits. This provides him insight into what art means all over the globe.

The journey Ariya has embarked upon is neither traditional nor something that seems of too much significance at first sight but in the last fifty years, cinema has not only become one of the most valuable forms of art but a field of study by itself. In terms of contemporary society, a film appears to be the chief form of cultural expression and the study of the film directly involves the study of culture. Cinemas, in general, are aimed at providing cultural and historical significance to the nation where they are produced. Through narrative formats, films promote nations to examine their cultural importance, beliefs as well as a sense of their identity. Also, these works filmed within a particular country can represent the concept of an individual and their lived realities. Moreover, they may be enthralling parts of art that expose the most important elements of a certain nation or people in the nation that can contrary be unfamiliar to a foreigner. Actually, at any rate, any film whether it is produced by a mega-corporation in Hollywood or by an independent group with a relatively small budget, it will surely present insight into the cultural values and views of the movie-makers as well as areas which are common to them the most. In the context of intercultural communication, films remain to be of great importance for people from other countries since they bring an insight into the history of any unfamiliar country, its cultural elements, and its uniqueness.

When you study the theory of cinema or film, your perspective on social issues and culture is changed forever. It opens your eyes to certain troubling truths that lurk within our society. You become aware of how cultural productions can be used to indirectly support such mindsets. More importantly, how people can be manipulated into believing what is ‘real’ or what is and isn’t socially acceptable. it opens your eyes to how events have changed people, changed our perspectives, and how life is shaped by such occurrences. Furthermore, you will begin to see the ways in which our life is influenced by art, whether it be stock characters, social activities, or even fashion. On the other hand, it will motivate one to be different, to try and break such patterns, bringing more broad-minded content into the industry.

 Ariya has managed to broaden his knowledge on the depth of our world through his passion for art. His choice to learn about art on a scholarly level has given him an in-depth understanding of what the artists and filmmakers really meant to portray through their art.

Through his sheer determination, Ariya Hab was able to incorporate his passion into his career. He had a dream and successfully turned it into reality. If you want to keep up with Ariya’s unorthodox journey make sure to follow his Instagram @ariya.hab