Antonio Turiello

Antonio Turiello

Antonio Turiello is an extremely successful music producer based in Italy. He was born in Procida, an island in the Bay of Naples in southern Italy. His interest in music began at a very young age, he was only eight years old when he first started listening to LP, then the compact disc and then eventually transitioning to actual digital music. In 2011, Antonio starting producing music as an after school project, after which he quickly realized that this was his true passion. This was when he first started developing his style. He was inspired by the best DJs in future house music such as Don Diablo, Seth Hills, Oliver Heldens and Tchami and he ventured into future deep house style music production. Today, Antonio has released his music with many big labels such: No Face, BeatDealer, Uforecordz, Jendex and Kibbutz.

For Antonio, music is a way of expression, a completely priceless form of art. Through his music, he can convey his feelings, thoughts and innermost reflections. For him, it is not only a way to express himself, but also a medium to share a part of himself with the audience. He loves it a lot when people enjoy and resonate with his work, to him that is a great accomplishment. Seeing others appreciate work that he has put his heart and soul into makes him extremely happy. His genre of music is extremely catchy, high in energy, generally consisting of big drops, and is sonically bass-heavy. His songs are very versatile and are the perfect music to dance your worries away to. It is very humbling for him to see crowds of people dancing away and enjoying his music.

Antonio loves challenging himself through his work. He is constantly working on his skills and trying out new styles to keep his sound fresh for his audience. He can be seen often collaborating and making amazing tunes with new artists such as Kato Kat, Simone Celi and many more. Recently, his music has gained a lot of traction. His hit single “In your eyes”, has just recently crossed one hundred thousand plays on Spotify Music. And even in the past, his song “Move my body” released on @kibbutzrecords hit one hundred thousand plays on Spotify Music in less than two months of its release which is no small feat.

He has a very active presence online and can be found on various social media platforms. You can find him on Instagram under @antonyturiellofficialmusic where he has more than fifteen thousand followers. He has an extremely upbeat and friendly online presence. He’s always posting interactive content and reaching out to his followers to keep them engaged. Antonio shares his big and small accomplishments with his followers and always keeps them in the loop about the latest happenings both in his professional, and personal life. You can listen to his music on all popular music streaming channels such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Beatport and more. He has over 11.5K followers on Spotify as well and fans of his music span from the US to the Netherlands, Russia, Italy and even South Africa!

Antonio’s biggest goal in life is to establish himself and his style as one of the most memorable in his genre. Like his musical inspirations Seth Hills, Marc Benjamin Mike Williams and Mesto, he hopes that one day, his name will too be included among one of the greats. He is extremely passionate about his music and it is through his sheer dedication, hard work and diligence that he has accomplished so much in only a few years. He is truly a role model for aspiring music producers everywhere. His story inspires young creatives to be confident in their abilities, to believe in themselves and be humble in their success. I am sure that Antonio has a long way to go and much success ahead of him in his musical career.