Anthony Pizzo (@antpizzo10)

One of the most beautiful events in life is waiting for moments so long that their mere presence takes your breath away. Here is the same case with Anthony Pizzo. He is an Ex-US Army veteran, and now he is running his HVAC Company “Velocity Services” to sell his services. Anthony’s life is always full of adventures and thrill. Even after retiring from the army, he never let his passion disappear. Anthony lives a professional life but does exciting things. He is a speed lover, whether on-road or water or even on Mountains covered with snow. Anthony is also a social person. He is always in quest on an adventure with his buddies. Anthony is a dog lover, and he has a German shepherd named “ghost,” which is his family. He never let his dog away from him. Anthony is also so passionate about boxing. Follow Anthony Pizzo on Instagram.  

Military duty is challenging, risky, and stressful. However, returning to civilian life offers obstacles for those who have served in combat. It is difficult for a veteran to adjust as an average person in daily routine, but Anthony found his way to settle down as a civilian. Anthony adopts the Thrilling and adventurous life true to combat the hardship of everyday life. He is always in a move to do extraordinary like running a jet ski over the jumpy waves that took him away. And sometimes, on a snowy peak, skiing through the narrow paves and ridge of mountains, where he can taste the flavour or dangerous as every step. Anthony is so passionate about boxing that he never lets it go from the beginning. He used to fight in the ring with his friends every day. Doing all this gives him peace of mind and leisure of his time. Follow Anthony Pizzo on Instagram.

When Anthony was in elementary school, he began fighting. He started in taekwondo, a form of mixed martial arts. He continued to fight to stay in shape and release tension. His attitude toward boxing and his military experience is highly comparable to him. You must maintain your discipline, a clear and strong mind, and never give up a battle. His capacity to juggle his profession and family life while remaining devoted to his passion for boxing influenced other troops in his unit. Boxing is a way of relaxing for him but putting all his anger on a sandbag. During boxing exercises, all worry, tension, exhaustion, and despair fade away, and you regain your strength and vitality. Boxing training can help you improve your self-esteem and abilities. Boxing is a sport that will make you a fearless guy. Follow Anthony Pizzo on Instagram.

Apart from Anthony’s thrilling life adventures, he is soft polite. He loves his dog “ghost” a lot, bringing him everywhere he goes. The dog is man’s best companion. He loves his owner to take care of him and play with him. The link between owner and pet is unlike any of our constant pals, constantly there for us no matter the situation. They bring us joy and laughter, and they even respond to us as if they precisely understand everything we are indeed expressing. Friendships are portals to happiness and happy existence. Anthony enjoys spending time with his friends and creating beautiful experiences. So, whenever he spends time with his buddies, he has a good time, lives in the now, and enjoys it. As a result, hanging out with his buddies will motivate him to get out and find happiness. Follow Anthony Pizzo on Instagram to know more about his remarkable life.