Anthony Orajekwe (@anthonyorajekwe)

Anthony Orajekwe (@anthonyorajekwe)

Football is a beautiful game. It doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter if a person is rich or poor, instead, it is a sport that is the cause of hope for many across the world. Many players with less than humble beginnings have made it big because of the fact that football gave them a chance to express and explore their talent. Whatever they lack in money and opportunities doesn’t matter because if you have the spark and the skill along with a sense of passion that drives you, you can make a big name for yourself. Some big names in American Football like Tom Brady and Shaquem Griffin are a testament to this. They worked hard and ultimately their resilience and determination over-rode their circumstances, causing them to become some of the biggest names in the game and inspirations for many generations to come.

Another diligent player walking on the path his dreams have to lead him to is Anthony Orajekwe, an up-and-coming force in modern-day football. Born and raised in Nigeria, Anthony is a polished Defensive Tackle who describes himself as a Certified Hustler. This is a simple nickname but to Anthony, it holds a lot of weight, as it encompasses not only his dreams and vision but also expresses how he works tirelessly for these dreams and is willing to keep on running towards his goals until he meets them. This is evident from his long list of achievements and the many times that he has led his team to numerous victories. As of now, Anthony has been approached by multiple big-name colleges and coaches to come to play for them, and once we see his past matches, it is obvious that they saw the sheer glory with which he plays his best game.

Outside the field, Anthony Orajekwe is an easy-going, friendly, and warm-hearted person. He takes life one day at a time and always makes sure the people he cares about are doing okay. He believes in teamwork and is always seen encouraging his peers and those junior to him to keep chasing their dreams and doing their best. He also makes sure he congratulates them on their successes. All of this just adds to the genuine charm of his personality and makes people want to root for him even more than they did before.

On the field, Anthony is an unstoppable force. Often nicknamed “The Wall”, he is a force to be reckoned with even under extreme pressure and against difficult opponents. He is an unstoppable defender ever since his very first match in the fall of his freshman year. Since then he has been approached by multiple schools who have been impressed by his skills. He played for the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, N.M for the 2019 season as a Defender. From there, he worked non-stop and ended up receiving offers for top name schools including Arkansas State University, Florida Atlantic University, and Northeastern State University. He was grateful for them all, but ultimately he decided to continue his academic career and his football career at the University of Nebraska, Kearney. He currently plays for the UNK Lopers on the Defense Line and is making a huge name for himself as we speak.

Anthony’s skill and dedication are sure to pay off, making him one of the biggest footballers in the country. His hustle never stops. Even after facing an injury to his leg that left him hospitalized, he didn’t lose faith in God or his abilities and had full plans to get back on the field as soon as he recovered. It seems like Anthony is built to succeed so he is definitely someone to keep an eye out for in the future matches to come. He is set on taking the football world by storm and there is no doubt that he will end up doing just that. We have our fingers crossed and will be fully supporting Anthony’s future endeavors.