Ankur Garg (@ankurkgarg)

Ankur Garg (@ankurkgarg)

Born in a country of over 2.38 billion people, Ankur Garg had a dream to become something different from the rest. Ankur’s parents moved from the busy city of Lucknow, India, and migrated to the United States to have a better life. Working multiple jobs to support their kids, living in a studio apartment, earning just enough to support their kids, Ankur could not sit tight. As a child, Ankur moved from city to city with his father changing his career ever too often as he was a computer engineer who worked in the military and also the Fortune 100 companies. Then finally in 1997, Ankur and his family settled down in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. This was the time when Ankur started dreaming about entrepreneurship.

In his teenage years, he took admission to Lawrence High School where he surprised everyone by being amongst the top ten national levels of DECA inhospitable marketing which no one in his high school had ever done. In his later teenage years, Ankur became interested in graphic design and disc jockey. He used his skills and earned thousands of dollars by booking and packing venues with his distinctive style and perspective of typology and art in the nightlife ambiance.

Ankur was a creative individual who loved music. For over a decade, he called himself DJ Ace where he made music videos, various mixtapes, and collaborated with various artists. Ankur had a mind of a genius and realized the formula of creating demand for anything because people responded to typography and visuals based on their own personal preferences. This gave him the key to creating demand for anything. Everything that he learned from his childhood up to his adulthood, be it watching Zac Morris talk his way out of any worry or playing the drums and realizing how every beat resonates with people, observing all of this and realizing he has a knack for it, he became a marketing genius.

Ankur started his own marketing agency under the name of Crimson Lab with Fortune 500 clients. He thus established himself as a web developer that hence created ROI-driven websites for any person. His company created thousands of influencers who are now big names on social media and although it might be hard to prove at one point in time, it was said that every one out of ten Instagram posts came from an account that was under the umbrella of Ankur or his team.

Ankur created a website called SHREDZ Supplements where he used social media clout to form influencers on Instagram. Ankur became infamous for using algorithms and phycology and gained exponential growth, especially in the fitness industry. His success in one field pushed him to launch Flavor God Seasonings, Skinny Bunny Tea, and many other brands that followed in revenue as SHREDZ and generated millions of dollars.

Ankur also became an author of a book titled “Z To A Methods” where he used reverse engineering checklists with a 4-step mantra: 1-Define the Finish Line, 2-Outline the Requirements, 3-Identify your Aces, 4-Take Action.

If this was not enough, Ankur did not forget about bringing goodness to the world. He launched a campaign titled “About Time To End Hunger” which became a global campaign that provided nutrition of any and every community especially those in the gunsight of economic, natural, or emergency disasters.

Ankur also launched various podcasts either by himself or in collaborations with his friends and other people. His most famous podcast is the Rockstar Podcast which he does with his friend, Rizwan Awwal. Ankur is a fan of creativity hence he uses his talents to do a lot more than what he has already done by creating vlogs on YouTube and presenting his day-to-day life and views on social media.