Angelica Pascoe (@angelicapascoe)

Angelica Pascoe (@angelicapascoe)

It is a competitive world, where we all need to strive too hard to achieve our dreams and grab the right direction that could help us achieve our goals and dreams. Angelica Pascoe is one of such competitive persons who tend to focus on their abilities and polish them to shine brighter and stay unique. Angelica Pascoe, a young and beautiful lady who is extremely hard working as well as multi-talented women have been working to chase her dreams since quite a younger age. Angelica Pascoe possessed a mind of an entrepreneur since her childhood, she always wanted to become a businesswoman and start up her very own business.

While still, she was still a teenager, Angelica Pascoe did not realize which path to choose as her career until she met her friend who is a famous public figure. Angelica got really impressed by knowing her friend’s success story. At this point, Angelica already got a foresight of what she has to do in her career and she decided to become a professional multimedia consultant expert. Knowing the fact that social media possess great power in establishing a business as well as promoting brands and products, Angelica Pascoe started to offer her services as a marketing and sales expert. Angelica started her career as an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and director of sales. Angelica tries her best to utilize her capabilities and expertise as an entrepreneur in order to take her company to a higher level of success. In order to run her business, Angelica uses social media platforms as her outlet.

Before starting up her own business, Angelica Pascoe worked as a trainer and surf instructor in the Hangloose Surf School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the United States from 2011 to 2015. Her duties as a surf instructor included collaborating with surf camp attendees. Coordinating schedules with colleagues in order to deliver high-quality instruction that can be implemented for the sake of safety protocols. Angelica also had other organizational duties such as keeping track of equipment, headcount, tent set up and takedown, pick-up, and drop-off coordination. Since Angelica is expert in professional photography too therefore she provided photography and professional filming services one day of each week for Hangloosesurfschool social media platforms.

Angelica Pascoe, later on, started to design swimwear for the brand named Swim The Brand. Along with working as a swimwear designer, Angelica created marketing presentations and demo products. Her biggest achievement during this job was that her hard work resulted in a huge increase in the site traffic and the overall productivity increased by 200 percent in less than one year. She created invoices, tracked inventory, and ensures promo delivery to customers. From taking care of bikini production to supervising the quality and accuracy of the bikini designs, Angelica managed all these tasks in a professional way that resulted in a 30% increase of the final profit in the month of October, November, and December in 2020.

Angelica Pascoe is one of those entrepreneurs who believe in versatility and innovation. After working for several other firms, Angelica finally started up her very own business of professional photography. In just no time her photography skills were enhanced and she maintained her expertise in developing high-quality pictures, retouching them, and performing professional color correction. Her work helped her to form an authentic relationship with her customers.

As an entrepreneur, Angelica managed to create an outstanding presence on social media by managing multiple portfolio sites and social media accounts of her clients. she offered her clients to get their logos designed, web pages developed, digital storytelling as well as creating brands for her clients. Angelica Pascoe’s company coordinates with different people and groups to boost awareness of different brands. Angelica focuses on solution-based marketing for clients where they can personalize their advertisements according to their will, this helps the clients to promote their brand image through media communication.