Andri Lesmana (@andromorphosa)

Andri Lesmana (@andromorphosa)

Being a person of many talents and skills is not something uncommon, but utilizing all those talents in different fields of your life and emerge successful in them is a completely different story. This is not the case for Andri Lesmana. Lesmana had always been someone who liked to explore different sides of himself. Ever since he was a child, he had been described as gifted and talented. Children who ate described like that often end up burning out their energy by the time they grow up as they experience a lot of praise and work extremely hard as children. The opposite happened to Lesmana. He started off steady and once he grew up, he utilized his energies to become one of the most successful people among his peers.

Primarily, Andri Lesmana is a graphic designer. His major specialties include logo designing, web designing, and IT development. He is very skilled in these and utilizes his talents in video editing, website design, and more aesthetic-based works. The quality of his work is visible in all his projects. Recently, he has edited campaign videos for LVMH, an organization that advocates for climate change awareness. He has worked on the shooting, filming, and all aspects of editing for this campaign video. The results have been astounding. Climate change awareness is something that Andri himself is very passionate about. He has reflected this passion beautifully in his work.

Andri is also a small business owner. His clothing brand is called Ales Clothing. Apart from maintaining each aspect of the business itself, he has also designed the website for his brand and regularly updates and maintains it in the most organized way possible. His brand sells casual wear and streetwear. This includes sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, etc. His collection has the perfect variety and the material of all the clothing is of high quality. His products have received stellar reviews from customers who have also appreciated his customer service, ease of accessibility on his website, as well as the clothing itself. This is the reason his customers are loyal.

Running an Instagram blog with over thirteen thousand followers, Andi Lesmana constantly updates about his interests and his photography. Photography may simply be a hobby for him, but his photos prove that he takes it quite seriously whenever he finds the time. His content is fresh, unique, and enjoyable. Like every other field of his life, he makes sure he enjoys photography to the fullest and his Instagram blog proves that he is amazing at what he does. Most of the pictures that he takes and uploads are of beautiful locations. These include pictures from his travels, his tours, and his day-to-day life. His nature photography is especially breathtaking and gives a wonderful insight into how he views the world around him. Being an avid tourist and backpacker, he seems like the kind of traveler who truly appreciates all kinds of sceneries. Whether they are beautiful buildings or breathtaking natural sites like forests and mountains. He is also a lover of animals especially cats, the way he photographs them and the response they show him proves that his gentle nature is equally attractive to the cats themselves.

Andri is a believer in multiple humanitarian causes. He firmly believes that if someone has a big platform, they are obligated to use it for the betterment of society. He has gained a considerable amount of followers during his time as a travel blogger and photographer on Instagram, and he constantly tries to help out with all the causes he believes in. It is truly admirable to stay true to yourself especially after you gain a big platform.

From here on, Andri still has great plans for his life. He wishes to improve upon his skills as a web designer and work for bigger companies that will help him showcase his skills more. He also aims to travel to more locations and to expand his clothing company.