Andrew Jung (@redd_dragon_4)

Andrew Jung (@redd_dragon_4)

South Korea has housed numerous athletes that have gone to achieve great things in the world of sports. Taekwondo, Soccer, Figure Skating, Archery, Gymnastics, Diving, Volleyball, Wrestling, Baseball, and Badminton are but some of the sports that have seen world champions, prodigies, geniuses, even reincarnations of older legendary athletes come out from the nation of South Korea. It should come as no surprise to people that the country will continue producing more brilliant, world-class athletes in the years to come. Surely, teaching and promoting sports at the level where one would think it is a national sport has its benefits, observed around the world with household name athletes like Park Ji Sung, Park Chan Ho, Kim Yuna, Lee Yong Dae, Kim Young Kyoung, Lee Dae Hoon, Lee Man Gi, even Son Heung Min who has been dubbed the “Korean David Beckham” top the extensive list of the athletic genius that occupies South Korea.

A sport that South Korea is yet to dominate, golf, might very soon see a young, immensely talented hopeful make his home country proud. Currently residing in San Diego, California, 18-year-old Andrew Jung has been putting hole after hole, breaking record after record from an even younger age. Steering from the usual path that South Korean children take in the world of sports might have been a daunting task for Jung, but he proved his doubters wrong by making headlines at the tender age of 15.

Hailing from a country as competitive in every possible field you could think of, Jung was tunnel visioned when it came to golf. Staring competition dead in the eyes, nothing stood in his way when he took it upon himself and made it his goal to break records and become a name known to golfers all around the world. While he hasn’t accomplished that goal yet, it certainly would not be a stretch to say that he is well on his way to reaching a milestone given his age and the time and resources he has to make his dreams come true.

In 2017, Jung was able to beat stiff competition to come out on top at the Amateur Championship Division in Las Vegas, a feat that he and others did not think he would be able to pull off. Although his skill and tactical play is nothing to scoff at, he reportedly told the Southern Nevada Golf Association (SNGA) that “it seems like every putt I hit went in”. His victory took as little as 3 strokes, and he soon found himself with a heavy shield of acknowledgement for his win in the palm of his hand. His round at the championships included an eagle and 10 birdies, while in a competition with over 87 pro and amateur golfers, he managed to finish at 21st. Claiming that his mindset entering the competition was to just “have a good time” and to do the best he possibly can, he came out with results higher than he, or anyone for that matter, had ever anticipated.

With an average point count of 518.1186 (as reported in 2017) and 5 finishes in the Top 10, Jung has proved to not disappoint in the many championships he has participated in such as the Se Ri Pak Junior Championship, Seattle Amateur Championship, and the Dustin Johnson World Junior Championships to name a few.

Although we imagine that an athlete as busy as him would not have the time to use social media regularly, Jung actually displays a surprisingly witty site to him over on his Instagram. Referring to himself as the “red dragon”, Jung is yet to upload pictures but is quite active when it comes to posting stories. Aside from the frequent golf stories, he can be seen posting funny screenshots from his day to day as he is currently back in South Korea. He is otherwise a huge fan of Korean cuisine, blessing followers with pictures of mouth-watering dishes on the daily. In fact, he even has a whole separate highlights reel just for Korean food! To keep up with this blazing athlete, follow him on Instagram at @redd_dragon_4.