Andre Kim Pham (@andrekpham)

Andre Kim Pham (@andrekpham)

When thinking of art, one usually pictures strokes of paint on a canvas, but that is merely scratching the surface of what art truly means.  Art is, for the most part, an act of self-expression, used to convey emotions   feelings through an array of different mediums to evoke a sense of relatability and stimulate certain emotions in a person. As history shows it, art has transformed drastically over the centuries and now holds a different meaning in the modern-day world. With the advent of the internet and social media, art has manifested itself so greatly to fit the modern narrative of the fast-paced life we live now. We now live in a world where information is easily spread across the globe thanks to the internet and art has become more and more readily available for all to admire and enjoy. Photography is another form of self-expression that has undoubtedly increased and now is seen more like an art form than it was in the past. This is all thanks to technology and how it has brought the world closer than ever before.

Photography is such a unique art form as, unlike most other art forms, it has a way of capturing the true essence of a moment in all its authenticity and brilliance. Just one click is all it takes for you to truly make a moment last forever! Thanks to technology, we now hold the power of photography in the palms of our hands! Through capturing moments, we can go back to reliving our memories; reminiscing the past with someone long gone, recalling the youthful days, etc. 

Weddings are such an important milestone in everyone’s life and capturing that event through photos and videos has become a staple in almost every wedding event. Everyone wants to remember this day like their own fairy-tale, their own happily ever after!

With everyone being super busy at the wedding, doing their own thing and living in the moment, who has the time to take aesthetic photos and direct the folks for group photos and lovely video snippets? This is where professional photographers come to let you bask in the moment while they take care of preserving this beautiful day forever through photos!

Andre Kim Pham is a professional wedding and fashion photographer who is the real hero behind all of the weddings he is a part of. Hailing from Bay Area, San Francisco, California, Andre has photographed more than several lucky wedding couples and has used his photography skills as a means of capturing their beautiful memories so that they can go back to them forever!

He has become an internet icon thanks to his amazing and beautiful photography! His Instagram is just filled with beautiful moments of weddings and couples that are taken with such grace and brilliance, that it feels like scrolling through different fairy-tale stories! Andre really knows his way around cameras and knows just the perfect angles and lightings to capture a moment in its purest form. Colourful and full of life, his Instagram truly captures what it is like to be in love and brings us to the realization that photography is such a powerful and amazing tool. It helps us cherish the little things in life and allows us to be even more grateful for the days we have lived.

Other than weddings, Andre Kim Pham is also a big deal in the fashion photography industry. It’s no surprise that he is well-known in the industry and has photographed some of the greatest fashion events like Burberry Fashion Event, Mimi Tran’s Fashion Show, Society Fashion Week, Alyce Parson’s Fashion Trend Show, and so many more! He owns a studio of his own called Andre Photographique, where he and his hard-working team set out to preserve amazing wedding pictures! The AKP Studio started in 2009 and has touched the lives of many Bay Area brides and groom. His team of skilled photographers have years and years of experience that helps them do their job with utmost ease and credibility.

In Andre’s world of photography, he aims to tell the stories of ever-lasting love and optimism one frame at a time.