Amr Ismail (@theamrismail)

Amr Ismail (@theamrismail)

Mind and body are our most prized possessions that require constant attention and care. They need to be taken care of on a regular basis, whether it is through eating healthy, or physical exercises, or through therapy. Amr Ismail is an individual who takes a holistic approach to mind and body. With his work, he tells people how to optimize their health and go towards a path of recovery. Over the years, Amr has worked with many patients and has shown them a new light through his holistic therapy. Amr has made quite a name for himself in the field of therapy which is why people come to him from all over the country.

Born and raised in Kuwait, Amr Ismail had always been interested in physical health. During his school years, he actively participated in all kinds of physical activities while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Amr knew that in order to live a happy and successful life, he had to take care of his mind, spirit, and body. While he was able to achieve that for himself, he decided to help other people in achieving it as well.

Amr had always been passionate about holistic health which included human biomechanics, movement, nutrition, corrective health strategies, and recovery. He decided to pursue holistic therapy professionally where he would attempt to address people’s individual needs rather than looking at their physical or psychological issues separately. With holistic therapy, Amr works through a wide range of mechanisms while integrating his understanding of psychological as well as physiological processes. Whenever Amr has a patient with physical pain or injury, he always makes sure to examine its psychological cause or outcome. Amr also uses holistic therapy to correct people’s natural flow of energy. Over the years, he has worked on many issues including posture improvement, lower back pains, shoulder impingement, snapping hip, scapula activation, neck pain, and so on. His work has been praised by many as he goes on to heal not only bodies but also minds. Showcasing immense talent, Amr’s work has gotten him many loyal patients who keep coming back to him.

In 2020, Amr Ismail took his skills to the next stage as he founded his own therapy clinic called the “MAD recovery center”. Located in a prime location, this center is Amr’s passion project as he has put a lot of energy into this center. You can find this center at Block 3, Amr Bin Al-Aas St Aknan Clinic Tower, Kuwait. At MAD recovery center, Amr performs a lot of therapeutic techniques that include cupping, red light therapy, earthing, and much more. This center is a place of healing for many people as they recover their minds and body from the daily stress of life. Amr believes that if your mind and soul are healthy, then you can be very satisfied with your life. However, in order to heal them both together, you should definitely take a holistic approach. At the MAD recovery center, Amr caters to all sorts of patients that need help. In fact, he encourages people to visit his clinic at least once and see the difference in their bodies and mind after one sitting.

Amr has made a name for himself in the field of health, where he is known for his holistic therapy. Despite his busy schedule, he makes it all look so easy and serves as an inspiration for many people. When he is not busy with his recovery center, Amr devotes his time to educating people on health issues. Using his Instagram, he raises awareness on different issues so that people can identify them and get immediate help. Amr also fills his Instagram with pictures from his personal life. Through his Instagram, people can always see what he is up to. You can also keep yourself updated about Amr’s therapy sessions by following him on Instagram at “@theamrismail”.