Amongest (@amongestkw)

Amongest (@amongestkw)

Amongest is a Kuwaiti fashion brand that manufactures modern clothing for young adults. They produce a wide range of clothing options for their target audience and ship worldwide using DHL delivery service. Amongest is unique in what they produce because it is quite different from the usual fashion style of Kuwait. Coming from a middle-eastern country, this brand breaks through all barriers of cultural restraint and creates western clothing for teens and young adults alike.

Finding a great, authentic fashion brand that caters to all your fashion needs while also maintaining authenticity and responsibility for their products is hard in today’s digital world. So many different online brands have sprung up and each one offers similar products in different price ranges with doubtful delivery and transaction processes. Many brands have even cheated people by securing transactions and sending the wrong products. In this turmoil, Amongest provides a brilliant solution to all such problems.

It’s not only an online store based in Kuwait; it is a fully established brand `that has been delivering great quality products since 2020. Amongest was launched in the June of 2020, right in the middle of a pandemic which is not only a very risky move but also really daring. Most businesses and small brands were shut down or production slowed down due to the pandemic. However, Amongest has maintained their reputation since the day they were launched to this date.

They not only faced the pandemic hands-on but continued production and marketing in a fragile economy and deteriorating financial situation all over the world. Work from home completely stopped production at some places and only the most determined could make a new brand work in a pandemic.

Amongest made sure to fit their business model according to the need of the time. Since face masks became a necessity with the onset of the pandemic, Amongest made sure to include stylish face masks in their catalogue. These masks would complement most of their clothing line and could be worn with any Amongest product.

Besides manufacturing safety masks, Amongest manufactures a variety of other items including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweat pants, socks, and caps. Unlike other brands, they don’t offer a plethora of color choices or prints. Instead, their approach to these items is monotonous and revolves around single, sober tones that go well with many other outfits.

A simple black t-shirt from Amongest will not only complement other Amongest clothing items well but will also look perfect in a combination with a funky-colored jacket or stark white shoes.

Amongest designs all their items for maximum comfort with a promise of quality. Their clothes are made of high-quality fabric that is soft to touch and resistant to tears. The caps are sturdy and last long. Their masks are washable and can be reused after washing. This makes them comfortable and affordable.

Another great aspect of Amongest is their size scale. Most fashion brands are very limited when it comes to sizes. The inherent fatphobia shows through their collections for only regular or thin-sized people. However, at Amongest, even large people can find the right fit for themselves as Amongest provides sizes from XS to XXL, accommodating people of all sizes. This is a great feature of a middle-eastern clothing brand providing western wear for everyone around the world.

Amongest is not just another fashion brand, producing western clothing and using the digital platform to attract customers. Amongest makes something for everyone. Their inclusivity is unique and can be a great selling point, especially when it comes to a large audience. Amongest doesn’t discriminate, they simply create wonderful, comfortable sweats and socks for everyone to chill in.

If you still have any queries about the brand or wish to go through their policies, you can check them out on Instagram by the name @amongestkw or you can head to their website They accept different cards including Visa and Mastercard.