Amena Kay Thornton (@amena.kay.thornton)

Amena Kay Thornton (@amena.kay.thornton)

Amena Kay Thornton is a public figure hailing from Florida, in the United States of America. She gives consultations regarding business strategies online, as well as a Growth Mastery online course where she provides information regarding branding, marketing, and fulfilling clients’ needs. She is an entrepreneur with a remarkable job and generous nature. She also has a book named “Ultimate Coaching Workbook” as well as a 30-day planner for businesses to grow and prosper. Amena always had a love for helping people grow and prosper so she followed the career path of being an entrepreneur.

On Instagram, Amena has more than a hundred thousand followers and growing. She has a love for traveling and she has a separate story highlight for her many travels around the states and abroad. She often travels with her family, and with the many pictures she posts of herself with her family, it can be seen that she is a real family woman and loves spending time with her family and taking care of them. She cherishes all the time spent with them and makes it her responsibility to spend more and more time with them, creating new memories and helping her family grow alongside her. Apart from the United States, she has traveled to France and many other places.

She recommends her colleagues in her industry take frequent breaks, especially when they hit a creativity block, as it can help them bounce back better than ever.  Taking breaks is necessary to regain energy and boost liveliness and creativity, hence she advises this to all her peers. Along with this, she also recommends that her peers should exercise, as it releases endorphins and not only helps people stay fit but also feel better about themselves. Hence her two main pieces of advice are to take frequent breaks and exercise more.

She is not only one of the best in her field but is very humble too. She credits her success to her family, stating that without their constant belief and support in her, she would not be at the place where she is today. Her family is one of the main inspirations in her work, and with their support, Amena has reached new heights in her field.

Her favorite quote is “every cloud has a silver lining”. This is because life throws many difficulties and challenges at us but with a positive mindset, everything looks better. There is a positive aspect to every situation. Positivity can be a driving factor in one’s life, whereas negativity can bring life to a halt. Her positive outlook on life and its many difficulties, which she has overcome with grace, is the reason behind the success in her business. Her favorite quote is a reflection of her view on life, which is very optimistic and persevering.

Along with her main Instagram page, Amena also has an art page called where she makes and sells art and offers art business coaching. Her art is vibrant and full of life and some of it is abstract and minimalistic as well. The fact that she creates art as well as runs her business shows that she is a creative and free-spirited individual.

Amena developed a system for people to manifest their ultimate life and coaches them through her programs and services to get fast results. She believes in manifesting one’s best life and says that we are able to control the way we think and talk back to our thoughts. One of the simple exercises she follows is called QUICK which stands for:

Q. Quit thinking: remember you don’t need to listen to thoughts.

U. Use your heart: what does your dream life look like?

I. Intuition is key: with intuition, you know when to do something.

C. Change habits and influences: To get into the right vibe and on that new path you need to change.

K: Keep belief alive: Sometimes you think you have received what you asked for and it was not who, what, or when you expected it.

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