Allan Blain (@allanbblain)

Allan Blain (@allanbblain)

Allan Blain is a business coach, speaker, trainer and holistic lifestyle coach, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. He was previously the CEO and owner of Blain Companies, a real estate development company in California, for nearly a decade. Through his abundant experience in the corporate world, he has gathered a great acumen for business over this time and aims to coach other businesses and entrepreneurs so that he can provide them with the skills needed to succeed.

Being the CEO and owner of a multi-million-dollar company in California, Allan had to take over 100 flights a year as a commute since he and his family resided in Washington. Because of this staggering commute, he would often miss out on important family events like birthdays and anniversaries. He found himself dissatisfied by a life on the go where he couldn’t spend quality time with his family. This was when he and his wife decided to go into business together and become entrepreneurs. Once they got started, they were able to hit a 6-figure income in just 16 months and became the fastest growing distributors in all of North America for their nutritional company. They’ve won numerous awards and they did all this even though they were living in a small town of only 2,500 people in northeastern Washington State at the time. Because of their early success, Allan was able to resign from his position as a CEO and work from home full-time alongside his wife, Nicole.

Allan is incredibly involved with his family. He has a beautiful wife who he’s been married to for nearly thirty years now and six children between the ages of 13 and 25 all of whom were homeschooled by their parents. Working full-time with his wife was a dream come true for him. Having built a business alongside her these past few years allowed him to give of his time, attention, and finances to her and his family like he could have only dreamed before. He could earn a good living and spend quality time with his wife and children, being there for them in good and bad times, contributing to their education and even coaching a soccer team.

Both Allan and Nicole live an incredibly fulfilling life. Apart from excelling in their professional life, they also make time for life experiences outside of work. They love to run, workout at the gym, compete in road races and triathlons, and love anything water-related such as skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, etc. His latest endeavour is learning to fly with their son, Braden. He loves to spend quality time with his wife; have weekly date nights, quarterly getaways, and at least one larger trip each year without the children. Some of their most favourite locations have been Tahiti, Grand Cayman and Costa Rica. Allan is also deeply religious and has a very strong relationship with Jesus.

Having been in the health and nutrition industry for over twenty years now, Allan and Nicole dedicate their time to providing coaching and training to others so that they too can adopt a more healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle. To do this, Allan has his blog, which can be found at where he and Nicole share their expertise with others. Their sole motivation behind this blog is to inspire and encourage others through their educational content so that they adopt a good diet and healthy practices. They also have a YouTube channel, where they deliver content related to overall wellness, fitness, nutrition, weight loss and more.

Allan is very active on social media and has an extremely charismatic online presence. You can find him on Instagram under @allanbblain where he has over three thousand engaged followers. He posts extremely relatable and motivating content where he provides his audience with lifestyle, fitness and even parenting tips. He also shares with them his personal and professional journey and is truly an inspiration to anyone who wants to lead a healthier, more rewarding life.