Alina Nine

Alina Nine

In the world today, the pursuit for modeling is the pursuit of glamour, parties, and recognition. In the modeling field, is a well-known personality Alina Nine, who began her career at the young age of only 14. Her reasons, aspirations, and desires for modeling were very distinct from other successful models. She was in it for the money inorder to build a business for herself.

Born into a very small family in Romania, Alina had a personality fit for a model. She was told by the people around her that she belonged on the ramps in Paris. Soon after, she got into modeling gigs and became a renowned personality in the fashion business. She modeled for famous brands, including Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana, and L’Oréal. In the popular fashion magazine Vogue, the young model was featured several times, displaying her style, makeup, and attractive facial features.

However, unlike models who build on their careers achieving fame and glamour in the process, Alina Nine had a completely different idea up her sleeve. Studying finance and getting involved with the stock markets was a passion for the young soul, and creating money from modeling helped her pursue this dream of hers. Pretty soon, she started to invest more time into building a career in business than into modeling. She had the best of both worlds, where she had a career in commerce which she dreamed of, and was also well known all around as a model, despite being retired.

She got her education in business and finance from the NEOMA business school. Here, she completed her bachelor’s in international business and went on to do her post-graduate in international finance. She also completed some courses at the Harvard Business School.

Her career in finance kick-started when Alina founded the companies Winance Investments and Nine Invest Group. Nine Investment Group was founded in January 2020. The company aims to not only build but also sustain small or mid-sized companies that wish to complete their funding needs for growth and development. Today, the young model turned businesswoman has over ten years of experience in providing investment solutions to companies all across the globe from all sectors. Alina is determined to create a better future full of opportunities for her clients and wishes to grow together with companies that her firm invests in. By doing so, Alina hopes to create a positive impact in the world.

Alongside her successful career in business and modeling, Alina is a mother to a little girl Maya. Alina feels blessed and extremely grateful for having Maya in her life, who gives her a million reasons to smile every day. She is exceptional at not only running a business but also raising her child. She teaches her daughter lessons regarding self-worth and the importance of being humble and kind despite gaining numerous achievements. She encourages Maya to explore her potential and live her life to the fullest.

Alina has always lived her life on her terms and does not appreciate playing by the rules of others. She believes that the power to make or break lies within a person. According to her, every individual has the power to achieve the infinite and beyond.

Alina resides in Dubai, which is also where her business Nine Investment Groups is based. She adores the city and often goes exploring it with her friends and daughter Maya. Alina is mesmerized by the city of Dubai and feels that it has the potential to grow into a much exciting city in the near future.

Alina considers herself to be a free spirit, who is not meant to be caged. It is her motivation, determination, and confidence that helped her achieve the success she has today. She hopes to continue her work and soar higher with every accomplishment.