Aliah Al-tak (@allusha_uk)

Aliah Al-tak (@allusha_uk)

In the present time, what we wear is extremely important as our styling decisions often represent who we are as people. Our clothes, accessories and how we style them together are a way of expressing ourselves in a way that words sometimes fall short of. No matter how conscious a person wants to be of their clothing, sometimes circumstances just do not allow for it to happen. Whether it is being too busy, shopping being a hard task or just hating the whole process of shopping stopping one from going all out in their clothing, there are a lot of factors stopping people from dressing how they want to.

For people who desperately want their closet to change but cannot for any reason, personal shoppers are a blessing. With a personal shopper, one can not stress too much about the painful process that shopping is and leave that work to a professional who is also passionate about the job so one knows they will do a good job. Above all, personal shoppers save people a huge chunk of time that may otherwise go in scouring through different shops at the mall on clothes that one may not even like at the end. They also know where exactly to shop to fit the client’s needs. Since they are professionals, they can single out where to look for the clothes their client describes even based on an outline of their needs in fashion and accessories.

Aliah Al-Tak is one such London-based personal shopper. Aliah is an extremely hard-working person who makes sure she does her best to suit her clients’ needs and wants when it comes to their fashion and style. Aliah is so acquainted with the world of fashion and design, she knows all about the different brands and designers that she can help a person look better in their original fashion sense.

If one is still unsure about their needs and fashion, Aliah could help them too. She has a lot of experience and can help anyone pick out what style of clothes and accessories fit them the best.

Aside from catering to her individual clients’ needs and wants, Aliah also uses her Instagram to keep her following of almost 100,000 people updated with the latest trends in fashion. Some of Aliah’s favourite brands that she posts often about are top high-end brands such as Chanel, FENDI, Dior and Louis Vuitton. She often goes into detail about what is good with these brands in the current fashion season. For anyone who does not keep updated with fashion brands and their new lines, Aliah’s Instagram is extremely helpful.

Other than her usual clientele work, Aliah also works for special occasions which require gifts or dressing up differently than the usual such as Mother’s Day and Valentines. For this years’ Mother’s Day, Aliah posted a very helpful and inspiring collage of clothes and accessories that one could adorn themselves with or present as a gift to their mother to make the day a little more special. These ideas ranged from makeup, perfumes, rings to sunglasses, bucket hats and shoes. Aliah’s ideas are always very flexible so that they can suit a very large variety of people. 

Aside from her work as a personal shopper, Aliah also runs a successful party planning and decoration business. Through this business, Aliah makes sure that her clients and everyone attending these have the best time and make the best memories that they will remember for a long time to come. Aside from decorating the overall space of the party, Aliah also makes sure to especially design the customized hampers given to all guests with careful attention so that the guests have something to remember even after the party is over.

One can follow Aliah on her Instagram page at the handle @allusha_uk.