Ali (@fortem.mgmt)

Ali (@fortem.mgmt)

Ali is a young influencer from the United States of America and he is a huge car enthusiast. He always wanted to be an influencer, ever since he was a young boy. Ali has nearly twenty-six thousand followers on Instagram, which shows his success as an up-and-coming influencer. Ali has one main obsession in life, and that is supercars! He loves posting pictures of the latest and brand-new cars he has come across.

Ali himself owns and drives a Supra, but he has driven many other supercars like the Lamborghini Huracan, Lamborghini Aventador, Hummer H1, Mercedes AMG GT, McLaren P1, Lamborghini Urus, and many others. Ali likes cars that are sleek and fast, which have great horsepower and amazing engine performance, and have a comfortable interior and stunning exterior.

Not only is Ali successful in his field, but he is humble as well, crediting his success to his friends and family. He says that without the constant belief and support of his friends and family, he would be nowhere. Ali is a real family man and loves spending time with his family, cherishing and supporting them throughout his life. He also loves spending time with his friends, often posting pictures of them on his Instagram.

He recommends his colleagues in his industry take frequent breaks, especially when they hit a creativity block, as it helps them bounce back better than ever. Taking breaks and resting is necessary to recharge and replenish one’s energies, and it helps people work better because they have more drive and motivation to do work.  Also, exercise as it releases endorphins and makes people fit and feel happy about themselves. Exercise is necessary for helping people stay on track with their health and also leads to positivity in people as they feel more productive hence their day goes better than before.

Ali’s favorite quote is “every dark cloud has a silver lining” because life throws a lot of difficulties and challenges your way, but a positive mindset helps you overcome them. Positivity can be a driving factor in one’s life, whereas negativity can bring life to a halt. His positive outlook on life and its many difficulties, which he has overcome with grace, is the reason behind his success in his life. His favorite quote is a reflection of his view on life, which is very optimistic and persevering.

Ali also likes to travel, and often makes trips around the United States and abroad, mainly living in New York. He travels around the states to see different cars and their specifications, be it any season. He also has a pet Komodo dragon, which he keeps in a glass case, and whom he loves dearly.