Ali Barchman (@abarchman8)

Ali Barchman (@abarchman8)

If one is in the streets of London and spots someone wearing a shirt with vibrant colors and a tuxedo hat with a group of classy-looking people surrounding him, it is safe to assume that it is none other than Alex Barchman. A man with rich taste in fashion and style, Barchman is a person who will never fail to grab your instant attention with his stylish outfits, cheery mood, and friendly personality. He has his own Instagram blog where he uploads pictures of his outfits which are quite popular among his social circles. He currently runs his own restaurant and club named “Cache Cache Club” in the famous area of Covent Garden, London. He is also a part-time model for the luxury clothing brand Giorgio Armani’s bespoke tailoring department in Japan. Another addition to his portfolio is being the ambassador for the clothing store Axel P in Italy that makes shirts based on its customers’ orders.

Born in Russia, he has spent his years growing up in the United States, after which he moved to London when he thought he needed a change in his environment. He completed his Bachelors in English Literature from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey in 1974 and then proceeded to complete his Masters in the same field from the State University of New Paltz, New York in 1977. Having done his Ph.D. about the works of Shakespeare, he calls himself a Shakespearean scholar and likes to read his plays in his free time as he feels that he does not have enough knowledge about his tragedies and sonnets.

Although Barchman was qualified in English Literature, he did not pursue his academic career and decided to follow his heart. He had always been interested in fashionable clothing and liked wearing hats. He recalls that compared to his friends who would buy their clothes from a usual store like Walmart, he would save up money to buy his clothes from small boutiques which would have interesting items that caught his eye. His twenties can be called a point where his modeling career began when he was spontaneously recruited by a company called ‘Abercrombie and Fitch’. He was casually at a brunch in New York dressed in skinny jeans and a tank top with his hair in a ponytail when a person sitting next to his table saw and recruited him.

Being a person who can easily communicate with others, he later entered the tourism industry as a Tour Operator and Director for ‘Savile Tours Limited’ in 2000. He then started working for ‘Elixir Holidays Limited’ in 2004 as a Secretary after which he was promoted to the position of Director and continued working there till February 2016. This gave him a lot of experience in the hospitality industry and as a result, learned to develop long-lasting relationships with his customers. This experience proved to be quite helpful when he began working as the Concierge Manager and Head of Security for a high-end Chinese restaurant located in London, called ‘Park Chinois’. He worked there from June 2016 to October 2019, during which he got plenty of opportunities to acquaint himself with the rich social circles of Mayfair, London who were instantly attracted to his liveliness.

The restaurant’s luxurious “Instagrammable” interior paired quite well with his clothing style and so even the restaurant would often post pictures of him posing in front of the restaurant’s dining spaces as he elevated the elegance and lavishness of the place. His Instagram page is filled with pictures of him dressed in various styles; from British to mysterious to funky to date-night to James Bond-style. Always wanting to learn something new he is also fluent in speaking Japanese which is why his Instagram bio and some captions are in Japanese.

His ‘Cache Cache Club’ is known for its brand image of being mysterious and secretive as even the French name means “hide and seek”. What makes his club different is that it is guest-list only and the guests are carefully screened before their reservations are confirmed. The restaurant mainly serves Pan Asian fusion food along with some Italian elements. The mystery is heightened by receiving the guests at different addresses close to the club’s location from where they are taken to the club where a fun-filled dining experience awaits them. As the place is fully-reserved each night, Barchman is excited to see the new heights that his restaurant will reach in the future thanks to the support of his fans and customers.