Ali Axelrad (@alialiaxelrad)

Ali Axelrad (@alialiaxelrad)

“Behind every successful woman is herself.”

Women in today’s world can be seen in different professions leading the world; one of the many professions that women excel in is acting. Women in the Hollywood industry are changing today’s world. For several people, acting looks to be someone chatting while occasionally becoming emotional and hence they think that they can manage it, acting is harder than it seems and some people do not understand that. Nobody wakes up one day thinking they can become a professional painter or dancer, but when it comes to acting, everyone assumes it’s easy and everyone can do it. I’m sorry to break it to you, but that’s not how it works. What does happen is that every actor goes through a rigorous training procedure before entering the industry; they work hard and suffer for years and years before being given a job; actors behave naturally because they have had numerous years of training that has prepared them for the industry.

Ali Axelrad is one such individual on whom this article is based. Ali is a singer, actor, writer, and yoga instructor. Talk about being a multi-talented individual.  Born and raised in Fullerton, California, Ali was always fond of acting ever since she was Beauty and the Beast on Broadway with her mother. Following the same year, Axelrad made her first appearance in a local production following which she began performing professionally all over LA’s theatres.  She has played as a lead and a supporting actress in many films and TV shows which include Mank directed by the one and only David Fincher. Axelrad also got to play a role in one of her favorite TV shows of all time, Gilmore Girls. She played the role of Tango Girl Doris in the 2016 miniseries of the show. She played the lead role in the films Long Distance Princess and Start Breaking My Heart where she portrayed her characters flawlessly.

For Ally, theatre is like a second home to her, her safe place, she is an actress of passion which makes her a fascinating human being in my eye. For Axelrad, acting and singnig is an equivalent of a parasite living in her blood and brain. The second she gets cast in a play, she re-reads the script a million times, learns all of her lines to know more about that character and at last, she becomes that character. Ali Axelrad is driven by her passion for acting and singing.

Axelrad possesses a canorous voice; she at the age of six started her training for classical singing and went on to study at Orange County School of Arts. She has done several voice over and recordings over these years; she can be heard on “Sound of Music”, “Grateful”, and “The Cherry Orchard”.

It probably won’t come as a surprise to you when I say Ali has a soft spot for children with special needs. Ali is a certified yoga instructor and loves working with kids with special needs. Yoga and special needs children might not sound like a match made in heaven. In fact, teaching yoga to children with special needs appears to be a scary thought to me. Ali Axelrad, on the other hand, sees it as a natural fit.

Ali, like many living people, adores pets and has two of her own: a cat named Turnip and a dog named Bearyshnikov, aka Bear. Ali was seen with them on her wedding day, looking as stunning as ever beside the two adorable creatures.  

The professionalism and talent that Ali Axelrad brings to the table are clear, as we observe her rise to fame across all age groups, particularly youngsters. To say the least, Ali is a talented actress and singer with beautiful features rising her way to the top.