Alejandro Akara

Alejandro Akara

When we talk about people who major in one aspect, master in another, minor in another, succeed in another, and the list goes on and on, the name that comes to mind is that of the young and charismatic Alejandro Akara. Akara is a multitalented individual who has a duo face acting career in American and Mexican films. He began his career early on in his life by making videos that attract the mass and he also started playing musical instruments. Just at the age of 6 years old, he started his own YouTube channel where he posted various videos of these talents. After a while, he started starring in various plays and musicals.

Additionally, Akara started learning the sport of Taekwondo. He aced the sport as by the age of 10 years old he was selected in Mexico’s National Taekwondo Team (FMTKD). He dominated the sport by winning at various tournaments including National, International, Pan-American tournaments and also the San Luis Potosi’s World Open Tournament.

On top of that, Akara is also a graduate of the Universidad Del Valle De Mexico (Laureate Universities) where he was on full scholarship. His university life gave him a push in the right direction because of which he became a social network manager and producer for the widely renowned Mexican TV host, Flor Véliz, and the personal photographer to the Governor of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Jamie Rodriguez. To set his mark in the acting industry, he worked with a few of famous directors and actors to the likes of Hernan Galindo, Renan Moreno, etc. After that he relocated to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming the next leading actor in film and television industry.

If those characteristics were not enough, Akara loves to work for charities so he works with people and organizations that work for underprivileged communities helping the less unfortunate. He is a God send who cares for others even if he has everything himself. Alongside, Akara enjoys his time on the piano, playing his favorite tunes that resonates with himself and that is loved by the people around him. His love for music and acting is never ending as he plays for his family and friends. With taekwondo being at his side, he frequently enjoys the works of martial arts and practices that in his free time. Going hand in hand, he is a fitness freak who enjoys the occasional hiking allowing freshness to fulfill not only his body but also his soul. Akara loves to go on impromptu trips as highlighted on his Instagram profile. He makes the best of his life and enjoys to the fullest because he believes that life is meant to be enjoyed rather than being one of many worries in the world.

His acting is resonated with the emotional side of Akara. His individual scenes flow with the emotions of the scenes, it does not seem unreal at all. The scenes where he is sharing the camera with other fellow colleagues are over shined by his charismatic and emotional performances. His passion for this field really shows through his performance as he leaves no stone unturned when expressing and showcasing his skills for it.

Alejandro Akara also loves to kid around and loves having fun. He is spontaneous and is always ready to have a good time and enjoy life. Having such a personality even after being masters of various fields that require all day and all night worth of struggle is definitely a difficult task, but Akara proudly raises his head high and walks this path of life. He is one of the most talented individuals of the 21st century who are the stars of their nations and who will continue to be a part of something great. To show support, check out his Instagram profile with the handle alejandroakara so he can attract more agencies and continue bringing tasteful films and series.