Aldtus Frank

Aldtus Frank

Many photographers have been asked the question: “why do you do it?”. The people in the photographing community are, essentially, our source to the rest of the world, the part of the world we are not there to witness, the parts we can not reach, and the parts we could reach but missed out on. You can count on photographers to capture these moments and deliver them to us in the rawest and perfect way and deliver them to us. They are on a mission, but they have their own challenges as well. So why is photography so important to them and what is their driving force? That is a question for the ages.

Aldtus Frank, from India, takes his passion for photography beyond the professional camera lens. It seems like most photographers, once they get the hang of capturing moments through fancy and expensive lenses, rarely go back to their initial days of finding that perfect angel and light just to make sure they are able to catch a beautiful moment using nothing but a phone camera or an inexpensive, simple camera. Frank does not seem to care for such vanities, he simply gets out his phone camera and clicks the shutter at whatever catches his eyes. He makes sure it is captured in the most beautiful way.

Frank does wedding photography. Like the best photographers, he has a passion for capturing life’s most magical moments. He makes sure those who request him to help make the biggest day of their lives more special are left satisfied. He approaches them not as clients but as friends and makes sure there is a connection. This ends up making his work a hundred times more special than anyone else’s. This is what keeps his clients coming back to him.

Like a true artist, Frank looks at his daily life through the eyes of a photographer. He captures daily items, like a box of juice, or a small patch of the ground where he thinks the sunlight is hitting beautifully, and immediately uploads it on his Instagram for his followers to see and gain a short glimpse into his world.

Even more than photography, Frank is passionate about video making and editing. His videos range from dynamic and exciting skiing shots to stills outside his balcony where he makes videos of random, mundane everyday life and edits them in a way that the essence of his perspective is relayed on to the viewer. He approaches a moment in his own, sometimes unconventional mannerisms. Other than photography, Frank is also an avid enjoyer of traveling and touring. He also loves his dog, many of his works include and feature his white poodle. The dog is certainly a man’s best friend and companion. The same is the case with Frank.

Charity is a necessity. Not an act of kindness. An act where one contributes a little bit of what he has been blessed with to those who are not that privileged is how we can survive together in this dark world. Recently, Frank started a fundraiser for an organization to aid with the welfare of people with disabilities. He worked tirelessly to achieve his set goal. He encouraged people to donate to his cause and ended up exceeding his goal. He shared this happiness and feat with his followers and friends on Facebook. No doubt, this was something worth achieving. Because, what good is a person if they can not dedicate a small piece of their time and energy to helping those in need, and those who deserve it, using their resources, abilities, and privilege.

Frank shares all this and more on his Instagram account where he has gained almost 16 thousand followers who interact and keep up with his posts and photos. His genuineness, interactive nature, and passion attract a big audience. He aims to keep on viewing and capturing his life through his lens and sharing it with the rest of the world. Contributing his own little pieces of happiness and beauty in these mundane and difficult times.