Alberto Alvarez (@themacrowizard)

Alberto Alvarez (@themacrowizard)

Writers have experimented with forms that evoke the imperfection of thought for centuries, the inconstancy of human affairs, and the chastening passage of time. But as blogging evolves as a literary form, it is generating a new and quintessentially postmodern idiom that’s enabling writers to express themselves in ways that have never been seen or understood before. These writers work on different topics and share their experiences with their readers or followers. Some of these bloggers write about their daily experiences and routines, while some write and help people about a particular thing important in their life. These blogs are an easy way of communication and help people how to make their life better.

Alberto Alvarez, the owner of “The Macro Wizard” a popular Spanish-speaking blog with over 1 million views per month. A person focusing on the wellbeing of humans and guiding them towards a healthy life. All the experiences he had in his life he wants to share with his followers and help as many of them as he can. Through his blog, he simplifies things so that normal people like you and I can achieve extraordinary results in all areas of our lives, without this becoming a full-time job. He takes most of the knowledge about different disciplines from the best of the entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, athletes, etc., and then applies that knowledge to his life, and then share it through articles, videos, infographics, smoke signals, and any other means to help his followers. He knows the true importance of fitness and is now working to help normal people to understand it.

A healthy body is a healthy adage that has stood the test of time. Nutrition is the most important factor in maintaining and keeping good health Nutrition begins with food and includes everything that the body needs to live i.e. function and grow. To understand the right amount of nutrition and food our body needs we always need a guide, and if you want a perfect guide to help you with the nutrition as well as different yummy recipes, Alberto should be your must stop.

Alberto started to inquire about fitness and nutrition 8 years ago, he transformed his life and lost almost 65 kg in the process. His work has appeared in Men’s Health, Fitocracy,, AudioFit. His Instagram page includes almost most of the information but for detailed information, you can visit his site, he also provides coaching to his followers to guide them towards the best person as he is not a dietitian or nutritionist himself. He will show you the way and accompany you until you can continue on your own. If you think you need help implementing everything you have learned and are willing to work for it, keep reading his blogs. His books “Conviértete en Un Mago en la Cocina” y “Las Pirámides de Nutrición y Entrenamiento” are also available on his site for free to be downloaded. About 50,000 copies of his books were sold.

The Macro Wizard is the result of all of his efforts and research. You will find all the nutrition-related articles and information on his blog. It is a complete guide towards a healthy and better life. All your questions related to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle will be answered there. On the other hand, he also shares different healthy and yummy recipes on his blog “ A wizard in the Kitchen” so you can follow his Instagram page for yummy and healthy food recipes,

Alberto is not here only to guide you in your nutrition, but he will also guide you in exploring different places around the world. All the details of his traveling and how you can travel with simple things are well written in his blog It’s a simple guide to help you travel across the world. His Instagram account as an explorer is filled with beautiful pictures of the places like Canada, Japan, Italy, Turkey, and many others, he traveled and explored.

If you want to start a healthy life and adopt a simple and fit lifestyle, go and read the blogs of Alberto to have most of the knowledge you can have as Alberto Alvarez and the Macro Wizard are one of the leading figures in the Health & Fitness/Self-Development world for Spanish speaking countries.