Albert Brown (@albsurejr)

Albert Brown (@albsurejr)

We see many artists around the world who are blessed with various arts which become the key factor behind their success and fame. Albert Brown also famously known as AL b Sure Jr in the entertainment world and the social media is one of those very limited artist who are not only god gifted but also have many such qualities that make them truly distinguishable. Al B Sure is a singer and owns his very own band. He is also a song writer, a producer and a recording artist. Albert Brown has been working professionally as a singer since a couple of years. His struggle and hard work has brought many opportunities for him to grow in the music industry and beyond.

Al B Sure is often busy in performing live at various bars all around The New York City. He has been performing in many concerts as well. In a considerably less time, Albert Brown has won the hearts of a huge number of fans. Along with singing in a number of bars, clubs and personal gatherings, Al B Sure hosts a radio show all alone. The radio show is named as “Love and R & B” that is telecasted on REACH MEDIA, Urban Radio and Radio One. The show streams live on Albert brown’s online channel Albsure.TV from every Sunday to Thursday at 7 pm. Albert Brown is a humanist and possesses a very kind heart. Since he knows the hurdles and hardships of a struggler, therefore he has opened up a pathway for the new bees in the entertainment industry. He has launched a website named as WEIV that helps to introduce new artists in the entertainment industry. WEIV is a platform that is not just restricted for the musicians but it helps athletes and other artists to get an introductory start as well.

Apart from being passionate about his profession, Albert Brown is a social activist as well. He always tries to be as helpful towards society as he can. He is one of the biggest supporters of Anti-racism. Albert does not only spreads information and awareness about racism, inequality and injustice, but he also drives funds to support social disorders regarding racism. He strongly believes that supporting certain social disorders can lead us to live in a better society and a peaceful environment. Since the recent pandemic of COVID 19 has hit us, Albert Brown has become even more active towards helping others as much as he can. He has been sharing information about the COVID 19 virus along with providing updates to the world particularly his fans and followers regarding the pandemic.

In order to provide further relieve to the buyers during this pandemic, Albert Brown has launched a website that is called HONEY. This website helps to find coupons for its users and apply on some of the favourite sites of its users. The website is completely free of cost and the whole process of finding and applying coupons is fully automated. The purpose of this website is to help its users get some relief regarding their expenses during shopping.

Being nominated in four Grammy’s so far, Al B is one of those versatile artists who do not only expertise in his profession but also possess a beautiful and helpful heart and soul. Albert Brown has been given the best new R & B artist award by the American Music Award. As a song writer and for his composition performance, Al B has won over 75 ASCAP awards so far. He has also been awarded with soul train award for best new artist. One of the biggest achievements in Albert Brown’s professional career is that he has been appointed to the prestigious role of VP and A & R of the Motown Records.