Ainish Philip (@ainishp)

It is hard to build a one-on-one relationship with God. Spirituality is the only way to find a God near you, but you should not give up trying again and again. Anish Philip is one of the religious women that belongs to the Catholic community and works hard to preach Jesus’s teachings. She is famous because she frequently organises spiritual meetups and seminars to educate the community and outsiders about Catholicism. You will find her on Instagram by username @ainishp, where more than twelve hundred people follow her. People adore her because of her engrossment towards religious deeds. She is also a loving mother and caring wife. Being a mother of three young boys, she works very hard to take care of her family and her passion. Using the word “acolyte” will accurately describe Anish’s personality. If you love to explore Catholicism, you must follow the Ainish Philip on Instagram.

Anish always tries hard to find a God, and so, she shares on his Instagram posts. She posted some pictures from her first retreat of 2021 alongside Fr Jim Blount, an exorcist priest, where she witnessed the Holy Face of Jesus on the Eucharistic host. Anish believes a lot in the Eucharistic miracles, so she writes in her caption that miracles still happen now like the miracles used to happen in the early centuries. She loves to listen to religious music, and she frequently posts that on her news feed. The contemporary music she posted is Ruach Elohim which means the breath of God. She used to do religious conferences during covid-19 via zoom. However, when she started physical meetings again, the people were overwhelmed by joining in-person seminars. If you want to join her in-person or zoom conferences, follow Anish Philip on Instagram.

Anish owns Catholic Ministry by the name Anointing Fire Catholic Ministry in the USA to regulate her conferences and the preaching of Catholicism. She often has her YouTube channel and workplace in Nolensville, Tennessee. Anointing Fire Catholic Ministry sponsors different catholic preachers and scholars to conduct sessions on different categories according to their specialisation. Lady Feona is a co-scholar who reads religious books and explains that well to the audience. Anish follows the bible and its verses among all the sacred texts. She believes in, preaches it, and educates the youth and those who want to get familiarised with the bible. Anish also arranges conferences in different churches of the USA. Recently she organised a Retreat in Chicago to celebrate the love of Jesus through joyful worship. By implementing on bible’s verse Psalm, all enjoyed praising Jesus by dancing and tambourine. If you want to feel God’s presence and meet Jesus on-on-one, you should follow the Ainish Philip and be the one among her community.

On the flip side, Anish loves to spend time with her family, including her three sons and a Husband. She posted about her elder son’s birthday when he turned eighteen. She wished her son good luck and posted a few pictures with him. Anish is a very focused mother who believes in the best socialisation of the kids and indulges her children in religion from the early stages. She also posted the birthday wish for her younger one, where she wished her Holy spirit from God. Her feed shows her love for Joel Jijo, the leading member of her catholic team who passed to meet Jesus at a very young age. It is a reflection of her kind behaviour towards the people of earth. Everything becomes beautiful when you start finding the right path. Follow Anish Philip because she has been a reason to lots of people to find the right direction so that she might be the one for you.