Ahmed Romel

Ahmed Romel

Ahmed Romel is a Dubai born musician who specializes in Jordanian trance music and deep house. He is also an extremely talented producer and best known for his incredible work in orchestral and oriental emotional trance music. Bouncing off his work in music, Ahmed hosts the weekly radio show named ‘Orchestrance’ which revolves around him performing in venues, festivals and destinations all across the world including Tomorrowland, Luminosity Beach Festival, FSOE 400, 450 and 600. Ahmed is also the proud musician behind the hit, sold-out Summer 2019 Album, RÜYA.

For Ahmed, dance music has always been something that he knew was just for him since he was young and it was in 2007 where he decided he would drench himself in the world of producing electronic dance music focusing more on the euphoric and uplifting sounding music. Just within two years of his decision, Ahmed found himself participating in the Annual After-Hours FM Celebration, “End of the Year Countdown 2009” where he won the first-place amongst many other talented musicians based on listeners’ votes. This was a career-defining moment for Ahmed because, after this, he got his producing equipment and applications ready to start making fresh trance tracks to ever be heard.

Ahmed has been a part of major labels such as FSOE Recordings, Armada and Blue Soho Recordings. It was with Blue Soho Recordings where his first mainstream hit release, “Only For You” came out in 2011, only a mere two years into his career. It topped all radio shows, download charts and gained massive recognition from numerous DJs.

After the success of “Only For You”, Ahmed won Fan Favourite awards for a number of his tracks including “Only For You”, “L’Absente” and “Victory”. “Victory” was also voted by listeners to be on the 28th number for Tune of the Year by A State of Trance of 2013 and was deemed to be one of the most melodic singles to be heard. It was in 2016 that A State of Trance vote for this work with Aly & Fila, “Kingdoms” to be 5th as Tune of the Year 2016. “Kingdoms” also went on to be named as the Anthem of FSOE 450.

2019 was a big year for Ahmed as it was then where he ranked 3rd place for the “Best Trance DJ” title through annual voting by Trance Podium. It was also the year where he released one of the most anticipated albums of 2019 in the trance music genre. RÜYA went on to be sold-out which is an extremely big achievement for an artist with their debut album.

Ahmed and his music have impacted the globe as he has his audience listening from every corner of the world as well as attending his live performances. Until now, he has performed in large-scale festivals such as the EDC in Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, FSOE 300 in Amsterdam, FSOE 400 in Melbourne Australia, FSOE 450 in Luxor, FSOE 600 in Bangkok along numerous other gigs in places such as Germany, Argentina and Netherlands. He also has performed at Luminosity which is undoubtedly one of the biggest and the best venues to host Trance Festivals.

While the pandemic has put a pause on a lot of destinations for live music, especially dance music, Ahmed has not let this stop him. To keep the spirit of trance music alive, he hosts online sets on numerous platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and SoundCloud so that his audience does not miss out. He has also been a part of numerous collaborations and has released music on his own too. One of his recent music releases would be, “HYPERION” remix.  One can find his music on major music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and SoundCloud and can follow him across his social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.