Ahmed Al Khalifa

Ahmed Al Khalifa

Ahmed Bin Issa Al Khalifa is a 31-year-old football player from Bahrain. He is part of the Bahrain Football Association and has played many tournaments and matches against several gulf countries. Born on 28th March 1989, Ahmed Al Khalifa is a father of twins. His daughter Mariam and son Isa are both 5 years old and he recently celebrated their birthdays at a well-decorated themed birthday party. He also shared this beautiful memory with his followers on Instagram.

Ahmed Al Khalifa has always been a Liverpool fan and expresses his love and dedication for the club unapologetically on all his social media. While he is a celebrated and accomplished football player, he loves rooting for Liverpool F.C. and follows them religiously.

Liverpool Football Club which is also known as Liverpool F.C. is an English professional football club owned by Fenway Sports Company. Liverpool is one of the premium clubs that participate in top-tier international games such as the Premier League. The manager of Liverpool F.C. is Jurgen Klopp and the club is worth around $1.3 billion. The club has won numerous championships and titles including Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, EFA Cup, EFL Cup, and FA community shields. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Liverpool F.C. is the fifth richest football club in the world.

Ahmed never shies away from an opportunity to meet the legendary players from Liverpool F.C. and given his career path, he gets the opportunity almost very easily. He recently met up with Ian Rush, who was a Welsh player for Liverpool and an all-time top goal scorer in the club. Ahmed expressed great marvel and awe at meeting Ian and posted to his Instagram, notifying his followers that he met with one of the people he looks up to. He only had good things to say about Ian.

Ahmed Al Khalifa’s love for this club is a direct indicator of how he supports talented people and roots for the right club. His Twitter is fuller of Liverpool posts than about his football association. Given that his favorite football club has been achieving so much and is still doing so, it would unusual for Ahmed to not follow their lead. Ahmed Al Khalifa’s shelf of trophies has to be full by now, given all the championships and matches his club has won.

Very recently, Ahmed Al Khalifa was seen celebrating the victory in King’s Cup Championship 2021. He held the huge silver trophy and posted a triumphant picture on Instagram. Besides that, he has displayed many victorious championships and their trophies on his Instagram including the Gulf Cup, the Saudi Cup, and many more.

Besides being a footballer and following the English football club, Ahmed Al Khalifa also has a love for traveling. He has traveled to several countries and cities including the gulf countries and other middle east countries. Ahmed showcases his love for travel through his documentation of his flights and different destinations that he goes to. He travels both for work and leisure.

Ahmed also shares his love for his family on his social media. He is seen snapping and posting pictures of his young twins as well as his pictures from his childhood with his father and other family members. He is a hard-working football player as well as a family man. He proudly shows off his little children to the world and is always full of love for them. He even takes his young ones to the field with him.

Ahmed Al Khalifa is a heartening and warm personality to be around. He follows his dreams and he makes time both for leisure, work, and family. He never has to miss out on one to get the other. His time division is a great asset that a lot of people can learn from. To get to know more about Ahmed Al Khalifa and his career as a footballer, you can head to his Instagram account (@ahmed_al_khalifa).