Adam Ramsey Miller (@oldhouseadam)

Adam Ramsey Miller (@oldhouseadam)

In today’s modern world where information is so easily spread across the globe, making a name for yourself and staying relevant in the internet world is quite a difficult thing to do. However, Adam does it pretty effortlessly! Adam Ramsey Miller is a father to four beautiful children, a loving husband, a local business owner, and a lover of all things art and restoration! He is a one-of-a-kind individual who not only does a great job at being a loving human being, but also knows how to have fun wherever he goes.

When Adam’s wife, Jessica, was a young little girl, she used to live in a big house. She grew up in it before it was sold off. Adam being an innovative entrepreneur and a smart businessman, decided to buy his wife’s childhood home and then set to work getting the house back into shape by restoring it into a modern looking home for his wife and sons to live in. This shows his love and appreciation for his family, especially his wife, who he clearly loves so dearly – to make her feel more at home and allow his four lovely children to play around and grow up in a house where his own wife grew up on, that is true love right there. “Still is pretty insane to pull home every day. Definitely not going anywhere. Ever”, says Adam on his Instagram.

 Whilst being busy with renovating the space, taking care of his family and his business, Adam had a wild idea to start documenting his journey. He was always fascinated with making videos, and so, this is where his love for sharing and exploring came into play. He decided to make a TikTok account as well as an Instagram, under the username @oldhouseadam (it fits perfectly, doesn’t it ?!). He wanted to share his journey with the world, to show them just how awesome his adventure would be – and the best way to do that was through social media! Slowly but surely, he received grand admiration and praise from his followers, and soon, everyone was following Adam on his journey towards revitalizing an old, run-down house and making it into what it is today: something truly out of a fairy tale.

It takes a lot of motivation and ambition to become a celebrity these days, but what sets Adam apart from everyone is his own unique way of taking his audience through the process of decorating and making a house feel like home. He not only impressed his followers with his artistry but inspired thousands to start their own journeys! Adam Miller now has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok (and the number will surely grow), and 51.6k followers on his Instagram. That is an achievement in itself!

Coming back to the house (honestly, we can’t get enough of it!), the house itself was almost 115 years old, so you can imagine just how much repair and structuring it needed. Fortunately, Adam was there to take care of it all and wowed everyone with the final product! After tearing up worn out floorboards, old wallpaper, unmounting broken hardware and lights, and scraping off old paint, Adam was all set to build the house back up again, his own way. It is no surprise to say that the repairs and total update cost well over $300,000!

Now, after a little over 10 months, the 115-year-old house looks like a brand new, beautifully structured home, fit for a royal family! Adam has invited the internet world into his home and documented all of the hard work he’s put into making it, he says “We want this house to stay in our family for generations”, and rightfully so because it just looks so grand and home-y!

What’s next for Adam and his family? Of course, more adventure, and more renovation! His projects never end, thanks to him being a perfectionist.