Adam Kresina (@adamkresina)

Adam Kresina (@adamkresina)

Having built a name for himself in the world of tennis at just the age of 17, Adam Kresina is a young athlete from Czech Republic. Adam has been passionate about the game since the age of five and has been determined to pursue tennis as a sport ever since. He held a strong interest in all kinds of sports and was built to be a successful athlete.

Adam is a right-handed tennis player and prefers a clay surface for playing the game. He plays in the Junior Boys category in tennis. In the year 2021 thus far, Adam has been a part of 3 matches, and 2 tournaments, with one victory to his name. 

Apart from tennis, Adam also enjoys several other sports. Adam has a strong liking for skiing and enjoys skiing snowcapped mountains. He is also fond of surfing and loves surfing the waves in Hawaii. Adam is always ready to try and experience new things. He has a very adventurous side, and he finds such sports rather thrilling. Skiing makes Adam feel like he has wings, and can fly in thin air. It was Adam’s love for the ocean and the waves that attracted him towards surfing. Now surfing has become one of Adam’s favourite sport alongside tennis.

Adam believes in working hard and keeping his eyes on the goal. Being an athlete, it is required of him to undergo vigorous training and workout regimes to keep him in shape. It is important that he has the stamina required to make it through a game. Adam enjoys his training sessions a great deal and is always ready to put his best put forward in the field.

Alongside playing sports and being a junior athlete, Adam has a very inquisitive soul. He enjoys trying new things and is always eager to gain new experiences. He enjoys adventure and is always ready to delve into all sorts of thrilling activities. Adam loves to go to new places that he has never been to, and see things he hasn’t set his eyes upon yet.

Adam is a travel enthusiast and shares his experiences with the world on the social media platform Instagram. Adam is very fond of beaches and loves the sound of waves. He loves the feel of waves crashing against his feet and is in awe of the intensity of the ocean. It is his love for the ocean that brings him to the beaches of Hawaii time and time again. He calls the beach his home, where feels the most alive. Along with surfing the waves, Adam also enjoys soaring through the clouds in an aeroplane on a premier ticket. He loves travelling in luxury to his desired destinations. Adam has travelled all through the United States of America, along with Mexico and a few other countries. Of all the places he has travelled to, he considers Iceland to be one of the most beautiful places. On his travels, Adam enjoys nature and the scenic beauty along with the architecture and designs of the places he visits.

Adam Kresina has a strong social media presence and can be followed on Instagram as @adamkresina. On his profile, he shares his travel experiences and his journey as an athlete. He is followed by 3 thousand people, who respond to his posts and updates with love and admiration. One can go on a virtual journey to all the places Adam has visited by watching the videos he has created for his YouTube channel. The videos are brilliantly shot and are very exciting to watch.

Adam has a very vibrant personality and considers himself to be rather wild and spontaneous. He has had goals and dreams from a very young age and has always been determined to reach them with hard work and devotion. He tries to inspire people into living their wishes and dreams to the fullest!