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Adam Jones (

With the rise of social media and personal blogs, it is not uncommon to see young and old parents documenting their daily lives through blogs on social media. In such blogs, it is almost most if not all times moms blogging their lives, giving parenting advice, how to balance life and showing off their children’s activities. It is extremely rare to see the children’s fathers blogging for a change. However, times are changing and dads who blog about their lives as parents are on the rise. These blogs are a breath of fresh air among the others because they offer a completely new perspective to blogs centred around family lives online.

It is not to say that dads have never been there, they have always been around but it is just rare to see them openly sharing their experiences and journey through fatherhood for other people to see. These blogs feature content of similar variety such as pleasant photos of their family lives, cute children, different activities the children and the parents engage in together, schools, food and heart-warming selfies. It is so pleasant to see fathers being so engaged in their children’s lives as compared to the older generation where it was more common to see them being more focused on their work and only engaging with their children after that. The newer generation of parents is much more present in their children’s lives which is extremely heart-warming to see.

Adam Jones is one such blogger. With almost two thousand followers and counting, Jones runs a personal blog on Instagram that features his personal life, his family and his interest as well. A large portion of Jones’ page is dedicated to his family and of him spending time with them. Jones recently visited Disney Land with his family and uploaded quite a few photographs going over his experience there. It makes anyone following his page to book tickets and head off to the amusement park with their parents right there and then.

Aside from his experiences with his family outside of the home, Jones also documents his home life for his Instagram page. The celebrations for Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays are an event to watch out for at the Jones’ family place. They both are times for the whole family to get together, bond, and take part in all of the festivities. For the last Christmas holidays, the Jones’ family had put up their Christmas tree a bit early and decorated it together as a whole family. Jones also made sure to photograph the event and document it so that they can always go back and cherish these memories.

Aside from the memories that all of the family creates together, Jones also makes sure to document his children’s achievements. When Adeline, his daughter, made a cute drawing of her and Adam together, Adam just knew he had to share it with the world. It’s such a sweet memory that they both would be able to look at any time in the future.

When one sees their children growing up, they cannot help but reminisce on their childhood. When Adeline had started taking up an interest in soccer early this year, Adam could not help but bring out old newspaper clippings that documented his achievements in soccer when he was as little as Adeline is now. One cannot help but feel a connection of multiple generations here and also not help but think that interest in soccer might just run in their genes.

Like these stories and many, many more, Adam’s Instagram page is filled with heart-warming pictures of him and his family having a good time and cherishing it by documenting it. One can keep up with them by following Adam’s Instagram page at the handle