Aaron Jones (@inglewoodjones)

Aaron Jones (@inglewoodjones)

Music and art surround us no matter where we live or how we live. We are bound to interact with it. It can also be considered as a basic human societal characteristic as it has been around for as long as humans have lived no matter at what part of the world we look at. Seeing music and art in history shows that humans have an intrinsic want in them to create and make art. For as long as it is known, humans have made sound and manipulated it too to make it sound like something that they or other people could take pleasure in consuming. Music has always been significant to humankind.

While in the past, music was more inclined towards classical or concert music. This type of music was also considered to be for the people who are rich, older and well-educated. It was exclusive to a certain social stratum of people which is not the case now. Due to technological advancements, this is no longer the case now. Music is now enjoyed mostly at homes, in cars, on computers, on phones or other devices. You hear It at lounges, bars, parties and any social event there is. While the accessibility to listening to music has improved, so has for making music. More people than ever are now able to create their music and share it with the entire world while working from their rooms.

Aaron Jones is one such musician who has been creating his own music and has been sharing it with a wide audience all over the world. Jones has worked on four different albums all titled Vision Rejected. They all add on top of each other and the stories shared in them to enhance the overall experience of listening. Jones’ first album, Vision Rejected consists of eight tracks in total adding up to twenty-seven minutes of listening time. The tracks include Gas and Only in Love among What What, Keep it 100, Flare, Sapphire, Clappin’ and Yea Boy.

The second Vision Rejected album also is very similar in terms of length as it has nine tracks with twenty-nine minutes of listening time. However, where the first album is classified under the R&B and Soul category, Vision Rejected Vol. 2 is more of a pop album. Both complement each other’s themes heavily and build off another.

Jones’ third album, Vision Rejected Vol.3, is bigger than both the first two volumes with ten songs with a listening time of thirty-two minutes. This album unlike the previous two is more of a Hip Hop and Rap album with an interesting combination of songs including Trappin’ In the 80s and PM in the Studio.

His recent release, Vision Rejected Vol. 4, is Jones’ biggest project he has put out yet. It is an album consisting of twenty-six total songs with a listening time of fifty-seven minutes. It is a Hip Hop and Rap album that includes very exciting tracks such as N B C, Storch, New Wave, Africa and Pico de Gallo. The album also showcases how talented Jones is when it comes to making music. Having so many different styles in different volumes of his projects also showcases Jones’ ability to switch between styles and genres and yet keep a consistent sound so that it sounds like the listener is listening to a project that is both cohesive and tied together close.

Outside of his work on Vision Rejected volumes, Jones also has a Hip Hop and Rap single out named Fiddle. This along with his other projects have been all released in the summer of 2020. One can check out all of Jones’ works on all major music streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music.

One can also keep updated on his future work through his Instagram page at @inglewoodjones.