420 Pharaoh (@420pharaoh)

Art does not only lie in paint and music, but it’s also about breaking the glass innovatively that captures everyone’s attention. 420 pharaoh is one of those artists who work on glass as an obsession. Arriving at such a stage requires a keen understanding of the art and fined skills. Pharaoh is an Egyptian/ American entrepreneur artist having remarkable art glass skills. It has led him to gain 23.7k followers on Instagram. People follow this unique artwork on Instagram at (@420pharaoh). Art is not a piece of cake; it requires patience, courage, and technical understanding. Follow 420 pharaoh on Instagram to see a crazy collection.

Working with glass as an artistic medium requires various physical and mental capabilities; artists who work with glass can shape it into anything. This fantastic artist possesses qualities that help him transform glass into eye-catching pieces. He owns his website, “World of wonders glass gallery” people can easily visit this website and see his unique work. The website is designed accurately and displays a range of products with prices and color; it makes the user experience better. People like to shop from those websites that are easy to use and do not take a longer time. “World of wonders glass gallery” also has an Instagram page where people can easily see the breathtaking artwork. Famous works by 420 Pharaoh are Dosa terp pearl, Darby holm glass, Calmbo terp pearls, Temp Station Hieroglyphics, etc. Among all the famous artworks, Toroglass (jetcycler) is one of the favorite pieces he owns. If you are an art lover and want to experience fantastic glass artwork, follow 420 pharaoh’s Instagram account.

Real-life begins when you get out of your comfort zone. Pharaoh believes in this philosophy, every day; he wants to try something new and adventurous. It sounds powerful, promising, and let him grow. Challenges help him reach peak performance. How can a person be productive, evolve, and reach new heights when only sticking to everyday life routines? Exposure and lessons always help in personality development. His Instagram account reveals his traveling nature how much he likes to explore new things. This nature helps him get exposure to different cultures and traditions such as Egypt belly dancing etc. Follow 420 Pharaoh and see how he enjoys life.

We only understand death when it places its hands on someone we love. Pharaoh’s father is no more with him. He believes that life is too short; spend every day as it is your last day. We don’t know when the last time we see each other is, it is essential to make the most of the moments. He misses his dad; his Instagram profile shows his picture with his dad with emotional captions that explain how much he misses him. He believes there is no actual loss as long as there are memories and love. If you want to experience his emotions and bond with his loved ones, follow him on Instagram @420pharaoh.

A true artist is not the one who is inspired but inspires others through his dedication and hard work. Many people think glass artwork cannot become a full-time career, but this man proved them wrong. Like this man, many art lovers are looking for inspiration and motivation. They don’t know from where they could start their journey. This man enjoys helping others; that’s why he shares his artistic techniques and tips on his profile for people. Art lovers will learn things from this talented artist. We need to share our knowledge and help others to grow. Those interested in art can follow him now and understand the different techniques he has.