27sevenn (@27sevenn)

27sevenn (@27sevenn)

The trend of expressing oneself to the public whilst highlighting your quirks, displaying your sense of style and individuality, has been something people have held close to themselves for a long time, the inception of this idea is probably not something that can be tracked. No one likes to be common when standing in a room full of people; in fact, it would be safe to assume that most people want to be their own personality and stand out. There are many ways to facilitate this, with fashion and makeup becoming progressively popular ways to highlight a person’s individuality through their sense of style or the way they represent themselves. While fashion is within everyone’s reach, a quirky or unique sense of style is not something anyone can have or pick up. It takes having a creative eye and knowledge of materials, styles, cuts, layering, and a plethora of other things. All these factors come together in the form of someone who knows fashion and can design products for people to share and own a certain aesthetic sense.

An up-and-coming fashion designer, who on his social media accounts goes by the name of 27sevenn, felt the absence of his own aesthetic in today’s landscape and decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. One look at his Instagram (@27sevenn) is enough of an indication of his taste in clothing, with a heavy leaning towards street fashion that either stays monochromatic, or showcases full-blown color with different layers of clothing articles, jewelry, and accessories such as fanny packs. Urban, streetwear, high end are all words that can describe his vision and the category that his aesthetic sense would fall under.

To have an even clearer idea of his vision, his brand page on Instagram is called 27thebrandnolimits (@27thebrandnolimits), which further cements that he himself believes that fashion knows no bounds, timelines, or sense. It is unique to the individual, timeless, and merely a form of self-expression that cannot be boxed or given any titles. With the return of early 2000s fashion and its integration into some people’s everyday looks as seen on TikTok and Instagram, 27sevenn got the memo and went on to create his brand off of his own belief of fashion.

27sevenn, visibly a fan of looks including high-end shoes such as Nike and Adidas, baggy pants with oversized tops, has a clear idea of his brand image that he hopes to grow in the future. With one-piece displayed on his brand page being a fusion of sorts of pants and a hoodie, with the traditional jean having a hood and sleeves on the side, neon orange thread work and stitch details, an asymmetric zip that curves with his logo to the side, it is clear 27sevenn does not design for the timid. As if a nod to the early 2000s, his original design is reminiscent of the end of winter, when jackets come off and find themselves tied around the waist of boys and girls alike.

An unconventional sense of design and creation is what sets fashion designers apart in today’s saturated industry, but sticking with your vision and believing in it, driving it forward with confidence is the fuel. 27sevenn designs his pieces models them, has them photographed and adored because he is confident that his statement will have its own audience, and people that will emulate or even own his style in ways he might or might not have imagined. As his brand suggests, there is no age or appropriate style for anyone, because self-expression and personality cannot be boxed.